Accountants that know the unique needs of Property Investors…

Easy Tax has been servicing and tending after the investment portfolios for clients over 20 years. We are the property investor accountants in the know for Sydney’s north shore. As a Property Investor you have particularly special accounting needs…your record keeping needs to be up to date, assets versus expenses, capital gains tax issues, documentation for refinancing…and cross referencing the effects of these issues against your other income streams.

We are also an important source of independent advice when it comes to property, assisting you to make key property investment decisions based on sound accounting advice. Our twenty-plus years of helping property investors has given us valuable expertise to help you find the most appropriate ways to maximise Return On Investment.

Being a savvy investor, you know accounting and taxation issues are important to getting the best out of your property investment activities but often, in the reality of your busy day, these sometimes receive a lesser priority. Easy Tax Accountants is also here to help you to keep up to date with your accounting needs from basic property bookkeeping through to BAS and GST preparation to the preparation of your Annual Accounts (P&L and Balance Sheet), Annual Tax Returns and more.

Contact Easy Tax, your professional property investor accountants for solid and reliable property advice.


Take advantage of our small business accounting services during which we will help you to refine your needs and consider an accounting and tax planning solution for your business going forward… make an online enquiry today or call us on +61 2 9419 5322 and let us help you solve your accounting or tax problems.