Easy Tax are experts when it comes to expat tax advice for working in Australia or Australian expatriates working internationally…

When you need expert advice about expat tax, you need accountants with Australian & international accounting experience with taxation rules, treaties & exemptions…As an “expat” or expatriate you not only have two time zones to consider but also two accounting and tax regimes…and figuring out the overlaps, rules and “double-dipping” can give you the accounting version of jet-lag, and sometimes a nightmare.

Whether you are an Australian working overseas or working in Australia but originally from the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong or other Asian nations, you need an accountant that is up to date and familiar with Australian and international accounting and expat tax rules and regulations, tax treaties and exemptions.

You know that accounting and taxation issues are important to getting the best outcome from your international posting or assignment but often, in the reality of your busy day, these receive a lesser priority. Easy Tax Accountants is here to help you to keep up to date with your expat tax accounting needs from basic annual Tax Returns to advice on investments, structuring of assets and family holdings through to the tax treatment of reimbursements. You may be eligible for the LAFHA, which we can arrange for you as well.

For more than twenty years we have assisted expat or expatriate clients manage their accounting and tax positions and our experience and expertise has proved invaluable time and again. For the very best in advice regarding expat taxcontact Easy Tax today.


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