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People often search for “Tax Accountant Sydney” on the web because it can be very hard to find a reputable accountant for your Sydney based business, or for self employment. With so many accountants out there all claiming to be the best how can you be sure they can do any better than you?

The first thing to realize is the actual need for an external tax accountant. Sydney is a thriving and competitive city for all types of businesses, although many simply fail at the accounting level. If you are spending too much time managing accounts, going through financial records or researching what deductions you can make, instead of focusing on other aspects of the business that actually bring in profit, then that is a sign that you should be searching for a tax accountant in Sydney. Although you’ll have to pay them for their work and expertise, they could actually save you on taxable income, and you’ll have more time to focus on the business and make more money.

Whereas you might do the bare minimum to get by and file your tax return, a Sydney tax accountant will make it their job to keep every single piece of financial information in check, and to save you the most amount of money possible through the effective use of accounting techniques and deductions. You will no longer have to worry about any calculations, keeping your records in order or learning complicated accounting software, because your accountant will do it all for you. Not to mention they can help protect your business and give you confidence in the case of a tax audit.

When finding a tax accountant in Sydney you have to do your research. Not every accountant is qualified or will fit your own personal needs. First you’ll need to look at their experience. Not just how many years they’ve been offering their services, but what types of businesses they’ve been representing. Finding one that has served clients in your field is an important decision making factor. Price is also obviously an important factor. You need to weigh up experience versus price, because the more years in the game usually mean higher fees. Their staff is also something to consider. They may be a well respect and experienced firm, but does that mean anything if they just delegate your accounts to a junior?

Easy Tax is a leading tax accountant firm in Sydney that has over twenty years of experience in accounting. They have helped clients with small businesses, IT contractors and consultants, various tradesmen and builders, Medical practices and professionals, Property investors and International clients.

So when you are searching –  tax accountant Sydney, contact Easy Tax.


Take advantage of our small business accounting services during which we will help you to refine your needs and consider an accounting and tax planning solution for your business going forward… make an online enquiry today or call us on +61 2 9419 5322 and let us help you solve your accounting or tax problems.

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