5 Small Business Tax Tips

Easy Tax has compiled some helpful small business tax tips to minimise the stress of running your business…

Running your own business can be very stressful and extremely time consuming so having some great small business tax tips can be very helpful. In fact sometimes you feel like you’re spending more time bookkeeping and updating accounts for your tax than you are running the actual business itself.

However, leaving your tax responsibilities as an after thought can not only get you in trouble for keeping inadequate records with the ATO, but you may also end up paying far more than you should be. The following tax tips should help you stay in control of your business and keep hold of those much needed profits.

1. Stay Consistent

  • We all know you can deduct legitimate work related expenses (ie:  things that cost money and are directly related to your work; such as travel) but after a while you might become lazy at doing the sums..”Oh it was just a quick drive up the road, to buy some milk” or “Oh I forgot to keep the receipt when I bought my client lunch, it doesn’t really matter”. In this frame of mind you’ll eventually lose out. Stay consistent and deduct everything, so you get the income you deserve!

2. Get Savvy

  • Lodging the tax return, keeping your accounts in order and doing the sums can be very daunting, but in today’s age it doesn’t have to be. There are tonnes of pre-made spreadsheets, software and websites that can do the hard work for you, as long as you key in the right data you’ll be set. Filing your tax return is easy by using E-tax at www.ato.gov.au.

3. Donate to charity

  • What! Give away money? This is not strictly true, if you do the math and find out that you’ve only just fallen in to a higher tax bracket, it may work out cheaper if you make a donation to charity and end up back in the cheaper bracket, thus saving more money on tax than the cost of the donation.

4. Depreciate

  • This old accounting trick bewilders many new business start-ups because A) it involves maths and B) the concept seems illegal. Well the math is easy and it isn’t illegal; just do it. When you buy something for your business like a laptop, it has value (the value you bought it at), but after a while it becomes outdated, slow and less efficient costing you money because a much quicker machine would process your work faster. It will eventually become obsolete. Depreciation is simply working out the monetary value of its deterioration. This is done by estimating how long the asset will last (3 years is the standard accounting estimate for brand new laptops. It may become outdated but it will still usually work fine) and then dividing the initial cost by that figure. A common example: You bought a $3,000 laptop so its annual depreciation would be $1,000. This figure is tax deductible.

5. Utilize Your Refund

  • This sounds obvious, but utilizing your tax refunds can save you money if done smartly. Many get the money and spend it, put it in the bank or invest it, but you should pay off any personal debt first. A lot of people are happy to constantly let their credit card balance roll over, but you are paying interest on this. Personal loans and credit cards have interest of around 16% to 18%, so if you put your refund in the bank you’d only be making about 6% to 8%. In paying off your personal debt, will save more money by paying much less interest than the interest which could earned in a high-interest account.

Of course there are many other ways to get the best out of your tax, where Easy Tax is more than happy to guide you legitamately.

The key thing above all, is keeping within the boundaries set by the Tax Office   because if you are committing tax fraud/evasion you can be made to pay significant fines/penalties which is not good business.

So for more small business tax tips, look through our site or contact us today.


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