Business Valuations

Let us valuate your business so you get the best outcome

Easy Tax takes great pride in making sure their business valuations are thorough and accountable. Every business sold or purchased is different and it requires an expert to do in depth business valuations to determine the value of a business and to unearth the pitfalls in the purchase or sale.

Understandably, there is probably no part of buying a business that worries a potential buyer more than overpaying, and  that’s why accurate business valuations are so important.

A lot of transactions can involve misinformation, and subjectivity; for instance what may make a business valuable to you can be entirely different to your banker. It may take a bit of time for a good business will always justify the purchase price, a bad one may not ever allow you to recover financially. Having an experienced business valuer can help you sort through the hubris and deliver a reliable value for the business in question.

Easy Tax has prepared numerous business valuations and saved clients thousands of dollars when purchasing or selling their business. While we cannot guarantee to find all the problems hidden by a dishonest vendor, we have been very successful in finding many discrepancies and having the price reduced. Our analysis and knowledge of business has also helped prepare a business for sale enabling the vendor to get more than their expected market price.

Once you have purchased your bussiness Easy Tax will be more than happy to look after your business tax returns. Generally distance does not affect our ability to conduct business valuations for our clients as Easy Tax is able to proceed with valuations using accounting and tax data.


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