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Looking for a Financial Advisor? Accord Accounting does not provide Financial Advice, however we do recommend the financial advisors at APEC.  Here you will have an overview of their services and read some testimonials to see what others say.




If you are looking to better manage your finances, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to build an investment portfolio, protect your assets, approaching retirement, or have estate planning needs we can help you make a fully informed decision.

Our goal is to make sense of your current financial position and combine your assets, liabilities and cash flow (whether property investment a stock portfolio, superannuation, insurances and or taxation) into a tailored financial plan that you can understand and help you reach your financial goals. Through our financial planning and share advisory divisions and our referral partners at Accord Accounting we are able to share ideas, resources and critically assess your financial position from every angle saving you time and money knowing that all your key advisors are in agreement on your wealth strategy.

Don’t take our word for it. Our initial client meetings are free but typically will save you thousands in identifying ways you can manage your investments more efficiently.

Your family deserves better. Contact us today to help you develop a financial plan tailored to your goals and objectives.



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APSEC Testimonials


“I have been dealing with APSEC for several years now and have always found their staff to be knowledgeable, easily accessible and looking out for my best interest. The biggest difference between APSEC and other brokers which I have dealt with is that they keep the bigger picture in mind and aren’t looking to constantly enter and exit positions regardless of general market conditions.  In addition, great care is taken to work out your overall trading objectives and risk appetite to tailor their service and they are flexible in discussing special interest areas (these have included the Graphite and Lithium markets in my case). I can’t recommend them highly enough.”



“Nothing short of fantastic personalised service, APSEC has facilitated yet another investment pillar for our family’s financial security for the future. From SMSF accounts as well as personal savings, APSEC will ensure our long-term and our short-term cash-flow. An abundance of research and resources for us to do our own due diligence on companies and potential investments, trading platforms capabilities to monitor those as well as easy and secure account management facilities. A very impressive start to what promises to be a fruitful future with APSEC. Thank you!”



Take advantage of our small business accounting services during which we will help you to refine your needs and consider an accounting and tax planning solution for your business going forward… make an online enquiry today or call us on +61 2 9419 5322 and let us help you solve your accounting or tax problems.

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