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Taxation of cryptocurrencies in Australia: How to avoid some common traps

Cryptocurrency has emerged as an alternative digital asset at the present time of uncertainty and of automation of businesses. The initial advantage of cryptocurrency was the apparent obscurity of its users. However, with time, as  cryptocurrency evolved to become mainstream, given the resulting  enormous sums linked by blockchain-based systems, governments…

Connecting With Customers To Boost Your Business

Connecting With Customers To Boost Your Business

More and more Australians bought local products during the past year and rallied behind smaller businesses, which buoyed many shops that may have otherwise struggled to stay afloat.  To create this kind of loyalty and support it’s crucial to develop and maintain a strong connection with your customers.  If you…

How Are Different Trust Types Taxed

How Are Different Trust Types Taxed?

A tried and true method of investment, trusts are generally and commonly known as being for the wealthier elements of society. A trust however is a highly versatile tool that individuals  and businesses can use to align with and achieve their particular investment, financial or personal goals. They can also…