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Partnership Agreements What you need to know

Partnership Agreements: What you need to know

A partnership agreement formalises the business relationship between two partners. It can cover everything from low-level processes, up to how dispute resolution will take place in the business.   Business partners are personally liable for the business in a partnership, therefore, determining the finer details is extremely important and can prevent…

What record keeping requirements does the ATO have in place

What record-keeping requirements does the ATO have in place?

Record-keeping, if done well, can help running a business much easier. It gives you an overview of the business’ financial progress so that owners can assess their strengths and weaknesses and make decisions accordingly. Record keeping also enables owners to meet their tax and superannuation obligations easily – all the…

Roadmap to a digital transformation

Roadmap to a digital transformation

Digital transformation of a business allows you to reach a wider audience and makes interaction with your business a lot more appealing as it is convenient for customers. This will help your business grow and flourish in today’s atmosphere.  To start off your transformation, you need to know the rules.…