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Importance of record keeping for businesses

Importance of record-keeping for businesses

For businesses operating in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, the task of keeping records can fall secondary to everyday business operations. However, failing to efficiently keep up-to-date and comprehensive records can hurt your business’s long term operations. Probably the most important reason behind sound record-keeping is that it allows you…

What do tax audits involve

What do tax audits involve?

Tax audits are conducted when the ATO deems that a more extensive examination of an issue is necessary. These audits can be conducted on a fairly basic level or they can be much more in-depth and analytical. In most cases, there will be a review which then leads to an…

Responding to conflict in the workplace

Responding to conflict in the workplace

Handling conflict in the workplace is a sensitive issue which needs to be dealt with carefully.  The following are practical strategies to respond to conflict that may arise: Focus on behaviour and events as opposed to personalities. Rather than generalising a behaviour, discuss what went wrong in a specific situation.…