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Death Benefits Super

Death Benefits & Super

Intrinsically linked with tax, superannuation is a minefield of concerns for many of us. One such concern is whether super gets taxed after a death. When a person’s super is paid after their death it’s called a ‘death benefit’. Death benefits can be paid to a dependant only after the…

Self Education Expenses

Self-Education Expenses

Individuals who partake in self-education may be able to claim a deduction for their expenses if the education is related to their work or if they receive a taxable bonded scholarship. Courses eligible for claim You are only eligible to receive a deduction if the course has a sufficient connection:…

Pre mixed investment options

Pre-mixed investment options

Super funds make investments depending on the different levels of risk chosen.  There are 5 types of pre-set investment options which you can choose for your superfund. Remember that if you want more control and flexibility, opting for a SMSF option might be ideal for you. Growth 85% shares or…

What you can salary package

What you can salary package

Salary packaging allows you to create a ‘package’ of income and benefits.  In your salary package, you can include benefits that you would usually pay for with your income after-tax. These include fringe benefits, exempt benefits, and super. What you can include in your salary package depends on your employer…